What does make PanoRoom unique among floor plan apps?

There are tens of floor plan apps on the market to choose from. Just open the AppStore and type "floor plan" (go ahead, try it!). Likely, you will see an endless feed filled with look-alike app icons. When we were creating PanoRoom, we tried many of them in pursuit of creating a software which is faster, more precise, and more intuitive to use. So, no matter whether you are a realtor or a casual user, chances are PanoRoom will be a great fit for you.

Reason #1: We use a unique measurement mechanism, which dramatically increases precision.

Most of the floor plan apps currently allow you to use you device camera to take measurements of each of the rooms on the floor plan. This feature, while useful, is very often based on the corners of the room, which does not allow for capture of furnished apartments. There are some apps which try to overcome it, but are still missing several key conceps in the implementation.

PanoRoom will discover all elements which are measurable, and will allow you to take measurements on walls, furniture, and let you place inch-accurate dimensions at baseboards. All by just aiming your device in the place where you want to place the wall. Our app will let you take precise measurements on all modern iOS devices, no matter whether you are using iPhone 7 or an iPhone Pro with LIDAR.

Reason #2: We are most likely the quickest app on the market.

Most of the apps will allow you to measure one room only, and will later prompt you to stich them together to make a full floor plan. While this sounds rather innocent at start, it actually has some sirious implications. Imagine creating a large apartment with 8 rooms: it means a lot of time wasted on just starting the actual scan and stitching the results each time (given that one also has to adjust the scan results manually).

At PanoRoom, we made a significant improvement over that. We add all rooms on the go, and evens the placed door automatically transfer from one room to another! It also means a better accuracy: manually stitched rooms rarely keep the correct dimensions. We don't ask you to fix any inaccuracies: the full floor plan is available right after the scan.

(There are some apps which allow you to shoot a video, and someone watches it to manually re-create the interior. We however didn't include them here, as we wanted to keep the comparision within the apps which allow you take the plans instantly.)

Reason #3: We are using Artificial Intelligence to help you take the best measurement.

You heard that right. We were very determined to make the app as fast and easy to use as possible, so we employed an accurate AI solution to help you making a floor plan just by looking around. Even when your iPhone or iPad does not have a LIDAR scanner, it will recognize walls and other surfaces to allow you for a robust dimension placement.

By doing so, we kill two birds with one stone: allow you for a faster apartment capture, which is also more accurate. By marking AI-detected walls, rather than corners, we once again increase the precision of the measurements.

Reason #4: We are there for you.

We are a dynamic startup which takes great care in providing you with the best customer experience available. We often tutor our clients individually and stay in touch, in case they have any suggestions on how to improve our app. Just click the "contact" tab and see it for yourself!

Final words

Among many advantages PanoRoom has over its competitors, our accuracy over a wide range of devices is hard to beat. We allow for ultra-fast, accurate capture of entire apartments, and we are excited to offer you this ability; which fits right into your pocket📱.

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