How to increase your revenue with floor plans: a practical guide.

Floor plans are a crutial feature for any real estate listing. Full stop. They present features that can't be easily viewed in a picture (such as depth of a wardrobe), and to unequivocally determine size & layout of the apartment. More importantly, they are highly desired by clients and can increase the value of the sold property.

A study from Rightmove states that:

  • one in three buyers were less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan
  • one in five buyers would ignore the listing compeletely (and revisit only when nothing else caught their eye)
  • one in ten buyers would not arrange a viewing when a floor is absent

These figures speak for themselves. If you are an estate agent missing on floor plans, you might consider giving them a shot. They will increase the number of leads, shorten the time in which the property is sold and most importantly, attract out-of-town buyers. With PanoRoom, it is exceptionally easy to improve your listings. Download our app, make the first scan, and post it right with your listing.

… all right, but I'm a Real Estate Photographer!

Floor plans have a slightly different value for the real estate photographers. While their price still reflects the value of the property, they are a part of the marketing package you offer to either an owner or a broker. Because the apartment you have photographed & scanned will be sold quicker and for a higher price, this has huge implications on your business.

First, extending your range of services will make you stand out from other photographers. If you already started oferring more than just basic shots, you probably have an idea how about how it influences the number of customers. The same applies to the floor plans: especially given that they are listed as the 3rd most important feature (right after the photos and description) by the NAR (National Association of Realtors,source).

Secondly, speaking pragmatically, the floor plans will allow you to either charge more for existing marketing packages, or to create add-ons which will give you extra cash from each photoshoot. Given a finite number of leads and time slots each month, it is one of the most sensible ways to grow your business with little effort.

Sounds interesting, but how do I start?

First and foremost: just start offering them by posting the floor plan making service on your website. We created a fantastic marketing package, which will show your business as trendy and tech-aware. The clients will recognize the new service, and you'll be able to remind them of it once they contact you.

Once you get their attention, download our app and start making plans. Our price per month stays the same no matter how many you are willing to create. Also, unlike many competitors, our results are available immediately - you can send them to the client right after the photoshoot.

Fingers crossed 🤞

We hope that our add-on service will help you grow your business. In case you have any questions or just want to casually talk about your needs, we are there for you - just click the contact tab. Happy PanoRooming!

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